Sunday, February 01, 2004

konvolut m: Was something I kept experimentally for a while, told exactly 2 people about. A few others found their way to it, so the cat's out of the bag. I tried Movable Type, but don't care for it. Design in flux as I begin to absorb html, but don't expect anything fancy. Unlikely to enable comments, but I welcome feedback at the link on the previous page.

Creating a new bloglet (this) seemed like the easiest way to get the above across; it too will disappear as the blog/site develops. There won't be any further posts here, but the sidebar may grow some links.

Me: Franklin Bruno. Write songs, make records, write some criticism, some poetry, work on dissertation in philosophy. Teach. Watch movies, love one Bree Benton. Future plans: Finish dissertation, keep doing all the rest. [Update: Dissertation filed as of May '04. All else unchanged.]

Those interested in my recordings or published writing can use the links in the konvolut m sidebar. An official site for my musical endeavors is also in the works.

Description comes from "The Power That I Now Have," The Go-Betweens. But the blog's not predominantly about music. Much of what's in the archives is of little interest to anyone but me, but I'm not about to delete it.